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This is a report from Julian Stoudemire about Class of '63, N Company 3nd Annual Reunion in Charleston on April 19-21, 2002.

Marc D. Jones, the son of William Taylor Jones, Kilo Company, Class of 1965, posts on 21 March 2001

Jeffery Johnson, the son of Eric D. (Mule) Johnson, Tango Company, posts on 28 September 2001

David Smyth posts on 22 August 2001.

Bob Larson posts on 16 June 2001.

This is a report from Julian Stoudemire about Class of '63, N Company 2nd Annual Reunion in Charleston on Corps Day Weekend, March 16-18, 2001.

This is a report from Julian Stoudemire about Class of '63, N Company 1st Annual Reunion in Charleston on Corps Day Weekend, March 17-19, 2000.

This is an article about the subterranean room in Padgett-Thomas Barracks from the Charleston Post and Courier

Robine Doyle posts the following note on 26 November 1999

Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 15 November 1999

Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 28 October 1999

Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 8 October 1999

Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 8 October 1999

Jeffrey Barrie, A Company, writes on 7 October 1999

Jack Scott, R Company/4BS, writes on August 31, 1999

Thomas (Tiger) Thomson, F Company, writes on September 1, 1999

Ed Brown, N Company, writes on September 9, 1999

Dear N Company Classmates, Max and Ross:

The Third (3rd) Annual N Company Class of ‘63 Reunion was super. Roddey and I arrived on Thursday and had the opportunity to visit and have dinner with Ed Brown who has just arrived from Pakistan. On Friday, Ed and I went to The Citadel for the review and saw Ross and Melissa Cowan, Max and Kathy Westmoreland and Ann Atcheson. When we returned, Jim and Barbara Killough had arrived, along with Vince and Carol Gullotta. We met Roddey, Keels and Joan Dickson and had a drink at the Roof Top Bar at the Vendue Inn. At 6:45 we met Mac Strock and his daughter at Hyman’s Seafood on Meeting Street. We got a table in the upstairs and Emory and Ann Mace joined us for dinner. A great seafood meal was the course of the evening!

On Saturday we did various things and I visited Ft. Sumter with Vince and Carol. At 6 p.m. we all gathered at McCrady’s for Cocktails with Hors d'oeuvres 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Keels and Joan Dickson were unable to attend, but was there on Friday night. Those attending were:

Max Westmoreland
Kathy Westmoreland
Ann Atcheson
Ross Cowan
Melissa Cowan
Emory Mace
Ann Mace
Julian Stoudemire
Roddey Stoudemire
Vince Gullotta
Carol Gullotta
Mac Strock
Kathy Strock
Jim Killough
Barbara Killough
Fred Ducker
Dona, Fred Ducker’s Fiance`
Sidney Mitchell
Vera Mitchell
Harry Mims
Barbara Mims
Ed Brown

We has a great time. We were able to go forward with six (6) of our classmates from other Companies attending with their wives and Ann Atcheson, Don’s widow. It was great for Ann to attend. Lots of stories were told, some embellishment is required, and all of us enjoyed the evening. Everyone expressed a desire to come back next year!

It has been decided that the N Company Class of ‘63 Reunion will continue on an annual basis. This will occur the last full weekend [Friday, Saturday and Sunday] in April each year, regardless. This means 2003 Edition will be the 25th, 26th and 27th of April. This way everyone will know a year in advance to make your plans to attend. We will have rooms available at The Embassy Suites and The Vendue Inn. The Vendue Inn was super nice, great food, good bar and superb location. While The Embassy Suites is very nice, we will have both available.

Harry Mims reported that plans are well underway for our 40th Class Reunion. That will be held on the 30th and 31st of October, 2003 and November 1st, 2003. VMI is leaving the Southern Conference so we do not know whom our Football opponent will be. The reunion will be at the old Sheraton [Now Radisson] Hotel. We will have a dinner on Friday night, October 31st at the Holliday Alumni Center. The events of the weekend will be planned by Harry, Ross, Joel Lake, Harold Arnold and others. Make your plans to attend!

Emory Mace reported all is great at The Citadel and we have a waiting list of approximately 230 people who have been qualified to get in! Nancy’s book is in the 2nd printing and a movie is forthcoming beginning shooting possibly this summer. All positive about The Citadel!

We missed those who have attended in the past and hope they can make it next year with a little planning.

Charlie Schley
Skip Weldon
Ben Hill
Marte Hill
Tom Slemons
Sherry Slemons
Mickey Jones
Margaret Jones
Jim Holmes
Sandy Holmes
Ed Gould
Chris Gould
Glenn Allen
Kitty Allen
Dick Tall
Beverly Tall

We have not been able to get Saunder Hutchinson, Mac Sellers, Whit Russell, Byron Manderson, Bob Ellis, Howard Mueller, Ted Leoniak, Bill Hoffer or Ken Kerchner, and their spouses to join us. We really hope they will consider joining the N Company Class of ‘63 Reunion. Mac Strock is going to work on Hutch, Skip will contact Mac Sellers and Howard Mueller, Glenn will contact Mandy, Ed Gould will get in touch with the Fox, I will call Whit again, Ed Brown will check on Ted Leoniak, Charlie will work on Bill Hoffer and Dick Tall will contact Ken Kerchner again.

Life is fleeting. Ed Brinkman’s death on December 29th, 2001 certainly is a reminder. We have still not located Bobby Wilson. Anyone who knows anything about Bobby and his whereabouts, please contact one of the group.

I am attaching updated information. Anything you want changed or know should be changed, please let me know. This is the most current information I have and Max can post on our website.  Above all, stay in touch and let me hear from you. Max Westmoreland is going to post some digital pictures on our Class of ‘63 Website. Best.




Marc D. Jones.  I am looking for information regarding my father - William Taylor Jones. He was probably a Sophomore when the class of '63 graduated. He died in 1982 from cancer and not a day goes by that I regret not following him to the Citadel. Blame it on youth and ignorance. He served his country for two tours in Vietnam - '66 and '70 in the the 1/9th Air Cav and the 7/17th. He continued to serve for another 15 years, all in the Cavalry - 2nd ACR, 3rd ACR, 1st Cav. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him when he was young and so full of life as opposed to the cancer that took him from us. Sincerely,  Marc D. Jones (University of Texas, Austin 1989).  Webmaster's Note:  William Taylor Jones was in the Class of 1965.  He was from Summit, NJ.  He was in Kilo Company. You can reach Marc at

Jeffery Johnson.  My father, Eric D. Johnson,  graduated from the The Citadel in 1963.  He had always spoken so highly of your institution and was so proud to be a member of The Citadel alumni. He was a member of the Citadel Bulldog Football Team.  He battled the North Vietamese without being harmed. He fought and battled cancer 4 times and won. But his last battle was with heart disease. He did not win that battle nor that war. He passed away in 1995  but his spirit will live forever. I still think about him every day. Ironically enough the surgeons stated that if he had not been so active in physical competition his heart valve would of not worn out as fast as it did. The thing that brought him pleasure, vitality, opportunity and wellness in the end brought his life to an abrupt and early ending.

Feel free to contact me if you would like any information on my late father. Gods speed.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Johnson

                                                                                                      INDEX OF POSTINGS

David Smyth, E Co.  I am VERY interested in re-establishing contacts with all of the following classmates: 
Harry Pund; Buzzy Dice; Fuji Thens (re: Snake Smart); Sid Mitchell; George Carella; John Haines; Bill Dexter; Jon Williams; John DeThorn; Bill Krause; Duncan Lott and, if he not in a Federal hoosegow, William Vernon Shepard.

David Smyth
(610)399-1231,West Chester, PA   or (202)544-8428, Washington, D.C.


Bob Larson, H. Co.  I just found this website and am very impressed with everything about it.  Good work classmates.  I am still teaching at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pa. and having a blast.  Has anyone out there heard from or about Bob Stutts?  I'd love to make contact with him if anyone can give me a lead.    (Note:  The Webmaster sent a message with BoB Stutts' address and telephone number taken from the 2000 Alumni Directory.)

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This is a report from Julian Stoudemire about Class of '63, N Company 2nd Annual Reunion in Charleston on Corps Day Weekend, March 16-18, 2001.

Dear Max: 

          The N Company Class of ‘63 crew started gathering on Thursday, March 15, 2001 for the 2nd Annual N Company Class of ‘63 reunion.  Skip Weldon flew in early in the day and Charlie Schley in the early evening.  Jim Killough and his friend, Jeannie, also arrived on Thursday.  Harold Arnold, O Company, Class of ‘63, met Charlie, Skip and me for dinner on Thursday night at Magnolia’s.  Good food, good friends and a little wine were a great combination.  We closed up Magnolia’s and moved to the Charleston Yacht Club where we closed it up too! 

          Friday, March 16, 2001, on behalf of Miss Catherine Hughs, I donated  a 1901 Citadel ring in perfect condition to The Citadel Museum at a ceremony in General Grinald’s office at 2:00 p.m. Glenn Allen and Kitty joined Charlie Schley and myself.  A lot of memorabilia was also donated including Colonel Wade Coke Hughs diploma, 1901, 1902 and 1903 annuals, so photographs, his report cards, letters, etc. Jane Yates of The Citadel Museum and Cadet Major Fredric Marcinak of Walhalla participated.  Cadet Marcinak of Walhalla is 1st in the Class of 2001 having achieved a 4.0 GPA after 7 semesters!  General Grinalds and Colonel Charlie Reger were really great hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.  

          We attended the parade that afternoon and were recognized by The Citadel.  Afterward we attended a drop-in cocktail party at the home of General Grinalds.  Tom and Sherry Slemons and Ed and Christy Gould joined us for parade and the reception.  Skip Weldon made the trek to Pawley’s Island to find Howard Mueller.   After searching, he made contact but was unable to bring Howard back with him.  Jim Killough and Jeannie checked out a project he was working on with the Park Service at Ft. Sumter. 

          Dinner Friday night was at Hyman’s Seafood Company on Meeting Street arranged by Mac and Kathy Strock.  At this time my wife, Roddey, had arrived in Charleston.  Aaron  and Eli Hyman are Mac and Kathy’s friends and The dinner was great.  All had arrived at this time and those attending from N Company, Class of ‘63 were:   Glenn and Kitty Allen, Mac and Kathy Strock, Skip Weldon, Charlie Schley, Tom and Sherry Slemons, Ed and Christy Gould, Vince and Carol Gullotta, Jim Killough and Jeannie, my wife, Roddey, and me. 

          Dinner for Saturday evening was a private function “McCrady’s” at 2 Unity Alley just off East Bay Street.  McCrady’s is in the oldest building in America use for special events. In 1791 George Washington was making his southern tour as President and he was hosted at McCrady’s on  May 4, 1791 by the Society of Cincinnati, Revolutionary War officers, and received 17 salutes and firing of the canons in the courtyard which has now been incorporated into the restaurant.  McCrady’s Tavern was on East Bay Street and Edward McCrady had his private residence upstairs.  He hosted this group in the building where the restaurant is today.  Edward McCrady was jailed by British with the Pinkneys in St. Augustine, Florida for 3 years.  In 1855, the building was stopped being used as a restaurant.  The fireplaces are original, but the mantles have been replaced.  A really neat place with lots of atmosphere. 

          We had an open Bar and light hors d'oeuvres from 6:45 until 8:00 p.m. The food and service was impeccable. Ross and Melissa Cowan joined us for this event.  Mickey and Margaret Jones were coming but illness forced Mickey to be hospitalized and we are waiting to hear from them. 

          The Reunion was a great success with 9 classmates getting together.  Jim Holmes, Keels Dickson, Dick Tall, Mickey Jones and Ben Hill were unable to make it this year.  We had lots of discussions and many memories were shared again!  Without sounding too corny, The Citadel is the greatest.  The lessons we learned early in life have carried all of us throughout life.  Life is tenuous and we all want to continue our now established tradition.  We have decided to have the reunion again next year in Charleston on March 28th, 29th and 30th, 2002.  We plan on arriving on Thursday, a possible catered “Frogmore Stew” at the Holliday Alumni House, a number want to play golf or tennis on Friday, go to Parade on Friday afternoon, dinner on Friday night at Hyman’s [a great treat for all], Saturday free to play golf, visit with each other and the shops, casual lunch and dinner at McCready’s.  It was a fabulous place to have our function.  We plan on expanding our reunion next year.  Emory Mace expressed he would join us if asked.  Hopefully Ben Legare could along with Harold Arnold.  We hope you will be able to make it next year. Ross and Melissa were a great addition to our “gathering”!  While we want to have our N Company classmates, we want to expand our function to include others.  

          Ed Gould is going to work on Bob Ellis to come and Glenn Allen is going to work on Byron Manderson.  We just want the opportunity to enjoy the friendship we were fortunate to foster now approximately 40 years ago.  It was a great time and I hope it will be bigger and better in 2002!  Best regards. 

Yours very truly, 

Julian L. Stoudemire

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This is a report from Julian Stoudemire about Class of '63, N Company 1st Annual Reunion in Charleston on Corps Day Weekend, March 17-19, 2000.

Dear Max:

As you know, after 16 months of intensive search by company classmates, the guys of N Company, Class of 1963, have located 24 of 26 believed living classmates. Unfortunately 2, Ned Jenkins and Lee Hyer, are deceased. We decided to have an annual reunion beginning with Corps Day, 2000. After a lot of hard work, contacting and prodding, on Friday, March 17, 2000, N Company classmates gathered in Charleston, South Carolina with headquarters at The Ansonborough Inn on Hasell Street in the historic section. Classmates, wives and guests attending were Charlie Schley from San Francisco, CA, Skip Weldon from New Haven, CN, Tom Slemons from Indianapolis, IN, Julian and Roddey Stoudemire from Walhalla, SC, Dick Tall and his friend, Beverly, from Yalaha, FL, Mickey and Margaret Jones from Norcross, GA, Jim and Sandy Holmes from Dove Canyon, CA, Keels and Joan Dickson from Charlotte, NC, Vince and Carol Gullotta from Advance, NC and Mac and Kathy Strock from Charleston, SC. [Mac and Kathy also became grandparents again as a granddaughter was born in Charleston over the weekend!] The group attended the review at The Citadel Friday afternoon and afterward, Mac Strock arranged for the group to have dinner at Hyman's Seafood on Meeting Street. What a treat!!!!! Aaron Hyman has really outdone himself with great lowcountry seafood. We recommend everyone eat there when in Charleston.

On Saturday Morning, we witnessed the exchange of rifles between the Summerall Guards and the Bond Volunteers none of us had seen since 1963. Jim Holmes really enjoyed it since his is an old Summerall Guard. On a cold, windy day, we watched that exchange and the Corps Day review. A lot of great memories were shared. We visited with each other in the afternoon and on Saturday evening we had a private dinner at Magnolias upper level on East Bay Street. Ben Hill and Marte from Tampa, FL were able to join us Saturday evening. It was a super function. Great food, wine, friends and conversation.

Throughout the weekend, the guys met for breakfast at the Ansonborough, had lunch together in the historic section of Charleston, sat in Tom Slemons' room drinking wine, told stories and had an unbelievably good time. Some of us had not seen each other in 37 years. 11 of 24 classmates with known addresses attended. Several others could not attend for various conflicts. We want all to attend next year, and we hope they will. As our battalion Commander, we hope you and your wife will be able to join us! We were all amazed that 37 years have passed, but sitting down and talking was as though no time had passed. No other school in America could have provided us with this comradery. Being a company classmate is not like a fraternity, you are not invited to join, there are no dues, but lifetime friendships fostered and formed in the full bloom of our youth at The Citadel. Each of us feels the influence of The Citadel experience in our daily lives.

To the person, we all enjoyed seeing each other, our wives and friends meeting each other, and we vowed to make it an annual event. We are planning to return to Charleston in 2001 for Corps Day and after that, who knows where we will gather, but we will join together each year to celebrate our friendship created at The Citadel. I'm really glad we started this event. A lot of discussion centered around getting together in places such as New Orleans, San Francisco, the San Diego area, Colorado, Florida and other venues. We hope at least one photograph will make the Alumni News!!!

Julian Stoudemire

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This is an article about the subterranean room in Padgett-Thomas Barracks from the Charleston Post and Courier:  "Generations of cadets knew about secret room Friday, February 25, 2000 By CHARLENE GUNNELLS Of The Post and Courier staff

Turns out the secret underground room in the Citadel's Padgett-Thomas barracks isn't a big secret after all. Generations of cadets, if not the military college's administrators, have known that trap doors in dorm room floors led to underground tunnels and crawl spaces - some of them big enough for young cadets to stand up in, Citadel alumni told The Post and Courier this week.

Author and Citadel graduate Pat Conroy wrote about Tango Company's subterranean room in his book "The Boo," and the Regiment Band Company flaunted theirs in a 1977 yearbook photo. "That is when school officials found out about it," said Owen McFadden, who is among the 30 cadets in the Class of '77 yearbook shot. "We were led to believe that the room had been filled in after the picture was printed." Apparently not.

This week, eight Band Company upperclassmen are awaiting word of their punishment after being caught in the underground room, where bottles of alcohol were found. Alcohol is banned from campus. The cadets face up to 360 hours of marching - called tours - for having alcohol in the barracks, missing nightly inspection and breach of barracks. A disciplinary hearing was held Monday. A decision could come as early as today, but it may be early next week before Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Emory Mace hands out punishment.

Cadets have known about the underground room for decades, according to alumni who called or sent e-mail to The Post and Courier this week. The Citadel graduates also shared numerous memories of the time they spent beneath the barracks socializing, watching TV, and yes, drinking. Several criticized the local and national media attention the latest events have attracted. "Should the cadets be punished? Absolutely," said McFadden. "They rolled the dice, so they should pay the price. I just don't think it needs to be turned into a public scandal."

Many alumni fondly look back and laugh because cadets are still getting caught, and administrators act surprised that the rooms exist. "In the winter of '84, a group of 10 band members were sentenced to hours of tours after an attempt at tunneling underneath the wall of the barracks was discovered by one very surprised building maintenance worker," said 1986 graduate Jim Piavis. Nearly 40 years earlier, James "Ike" Young, a World War II veteran, had returned to The Citadel to graduate through the school's veterans program. Young's dorm room, which he shared with his brother, had a trap door. "Cadets used to come in and ask if they could use the trap door," Young said. "We said yes, and they'd go down there. I don't know what they did, but we never refused them, and we never went down there." Young said the trap door was common knowledge among cadets but not the administration.

But Noel Mellen, Class of 1967, said administrators knew. "It was the reason for several seniors (being demoted to the rank of) private every year," he said. During his freshman knob year in 1963, Mellen said eight cadets were caught in the underground room, which was intended to give maintenance crews access to mechanical equipment. The rooms were also connected to tunnels and air ducts that led outside the barracks. Cadets kept civilian clothes underground so they could change once they sneaked off campus, Mellen said. When locks were put on by maintenance workers, cadets cut them off and put on their own locks, he said. "Every four or five years, something pops up with these rooms," Mellen said. "They nail the doors shut, and the cadets pull the nails out." Sometimes they used acid from the chemistry lab, said Jim Stowe Jr., a 1956 graduate. "We used an eyedropper and dropped acid down the cracks to eat the nails away," Stowe said. "The doors looked like they were sealed tight." Stowe's friend, the late Cliff Hannah, dug out extra space in an underground room Hannah had discovered. "I got so tickled, I said, 'Cliff, what in the world are you going to do with all that sand?' "  Hannah carried it out in his laundry bag, Stowe said. McFadden said cadets swept small piles of sand into the galleries each morning. Stowe said he can't believe school officials knew nothing. They had to have smelled the popcorn he popped underground. The cadets did and frequently borrowed the popper, he said. "I'll be honest. I did make five gallons of apple jack.  It's a form of beer," Stowe said. "But it was so bad we couldn't drink it."

In his book "The Boo", Conroy, one of the school's most famous graduates, said a photograph of Tango Company cadets in an underground room was discovered in 1963 by a tactical officer conducting a room inspection.  Sitting on a desk, the photo showed two cadets proudly holding shovels.  Around them were their fellow cadets. Conroy said the room was large enough for a 6-foot man to stand tall. It had furniture, a makeshift barbershop, a darkroom for photo development and a 20- or 30-foot-long passageway that led to an exit grate by a parking lot. The way out was illuminated by Christmas lights. "Not only did 'T' Company seniors have access to the best television had to offer and the finest in black market hair fashioning, they also had a foolproof exit from the barracks whenever they wished," Conroy wrote. In the 1977 Citadel yearbook, about 30 Regiment Band members posed for their senior class picture in the underground room. Pipes line the ceiling and a back wall bears the "emergency exit sign." The casually dressed cadets are grinning. Some hold beer and liquor. Dan Gunning, Class of 1977, said he helped dig out the room. "Our tac officer was in the picture with us. I don't know what the big deal was," Gunning said. "Cadets probably knew about it for years." The trap doors were sealed shut again last week after the latest round of cadets were nabbed. Citadel spokesman Heather Anderson said the doors were screwed shut. Stowe, and other alumni, said the underground rooms are as much a part of The Citadel tradition as the knob year. "I hope they've changed the carpet in there," Mellon said. "It was pretty bad when I was there." Charlene Gunnells covers colleges and universities. Contact her at 937-5922 or Copyright © 2000 Charleston.Net. All Rights Reserved."


Robine Doyle posts the following note on 26 November 1999: "I am looking to say thank you to Stanley from San Jaun, Puerto Rico. He sent me a Thanksgiving card with no forwarding address on it. I think his last name was Urbaniak from New York. I know he was the class of '63. He made my day and I just wanted to say thanks!!!! My e-mail at the Citadel is 2Doyler@Citadel.Edu. Look forward to seeing you next year, Stanley. Robine"


Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 15 November 1999"Bill Sickles induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame was held at Homecoming on Saturday, 13 November. Bill joined four others who are now members of this rather select group. Classmates who attended the ceremonies and associated social events were Bruce Thens, Steve Hodges, Ed Carter, Bill Summers, Eli Wishart, Lee Foltz, Harry Mims, Roger Popham, Joe Bowers, Emory Mace, Ben Legare and all the way from Thialand, Jack Thiengtham.   Jack passed on regards from Jack Hongstong, currently the Thia Army Chief of Staff.

Bill's remarks at the induction ceremony would have made everyone in the class proud to call him one of us. He  and wife Donna were guests of the President at Saturday's parade and had VIP seats with the President during the VMI game that afternoon. Ed Carter, and the other M Company guys listed above, had their separate table in the mess hall for lunch following parade. This courtesy might have been the finest honor some of that crowd ever received from our alma mater.  Carter and Thens had to be talked out of pulling a fumble play on Sickles at half time when he and the other inductees were introduced to the football crowd from midfield. A good time was had by all and there were toasts to you who were not present. More later. Ben."


Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 28 October 1999"Two of our classmates received well deserved attaboys on Saturday, 23 October.

Bill Hartzog's portrait was unveiled in the library and now is among other outstanding graduates in the Distinguished Alumni Gallery. The unveiling ceremony included remarks from Board Chair Frank Mood, '60, and General Jack Merritt, who is Chair of the Advisory Council, on which Bill now serves. General Grinalds concluding comments ended a ceremony that was emotional, sincere and witnessed by classmates whose names I have listed below. As The Citadel's first four star General we should be extremely proud of Bill Hartzog's accomplishment, but we have even more reason to be proud that Bill has not changed from the low key, humble guy we knew from '59 to '63'.

Bill Krause attended the ceremony for Bill Hartzog, as a member of the Advisory Council. One of the things General Merritt said in his comments was that Bill Krause was replacing him as the new Chair of that group. Bill Krause is another classmate who has not changed, has done much for our alma mater and is very deserving of his new position on the Advisory Council. Saturday night most of the following went to dinner. We drank a toast to the rest of you!!! Bill Sickles, Harry Mims, Roger Popham, Tom Brett, Emory Mace, Penn Holsapple, Ross Cowan, George Hallard, Bill Hartzog, Bill Krause and Ben Legare. By the way, the recipient of the Class of 1963 scholarship attended Bill Hartzog's luncheon. Senior private William Francis Johnston, aka "Sweet Chuck". He had to leave lunch to go walk tours, is the Opinion Editor for the Brigadier and one of the most outgoing, nice guys in the Corps. We need more money in that scholarship!!!

If any of you want to call me regarding any subject at the college, please do so. 843.953.6966."


Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 8 October 1999:  "Max & Classmates - great vehicle to communicate. I have been back on the staff at The Citadel since retiring in 1982 and look forward to work every day as Special Assistant to the President for Governmental Affairs. In other words, I am the college lobbyist. The position has been interesting. More later. Ben."


Ben Legare posts the following announcement on 8 October 1999"Two classmates are being honored by our alma mater in ceremonies to be held later this month and at Homecoming.

Bill Hartzog will have a portrait unveiled on October 23 where it will join the Gallery of Distinguised Graduates in the Daniel Library. Past Presidents of The Citadel and other gradutes who excelled in their vocations precede Bill in this honor. Bill is the first Citadel graduate to earn four stars in any of our Armed Services. Bill joins Bill Krause on The Citadel Advisory Council.

Bill Sickles was elected into the Athletic Hall of Fame last August. He will be inducted in ceremonies Saturday morning, November 13 and recognized at halftime that afternoon during the VMI game.

We should all be extremely proud of these classmates. Both are deserving and met very high selection criteria to be selected for their honors.

The class of 1963 now has two classmates on the above mentioned Advisory Council. The college is fortunate to have them involved with the decision making process that goes into keeping the institution on an even keel.

I hope this helps keep you up on whats going on here. BEN."


Jeffrey Barrie, A Company, writes on 7 October 1999: "First visit to this page. Class act!! I'm living in Moscow, Russia and holding the fort against at least ten West Point alumni who also live here. Special city tours for Class of 63 (and 62) visitors."  


Jack Scott, R Company/4BS, writes on August 31, 1999:  "It's my recommendation that Max Westmoreland, our classmate and webmaster, be officially congratulated for his fine effort in completing our class website."


Thomas (Tiger) Thomson, F Company, writes on September 1, 1999:  "I want to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of this site, especially Max Westmoreland."


Ed Brown, N Company, writes on September 9, 1999:   "This web site is 1st class.   Things are going great for us in Pakistan. This past weekend we went to Skardu - Northern Area. A great place to visit. Hope to go treking next month."


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