Adjutant's Call

Welcome classmates! This web page is designed to serve you and promote comraderie among the members of our class. The theme is in keeping with the environment of the Corps of Cadets. This section explains the organization of the Class of '63 web site. Your site is organized as follows:

Attention to Orders! includes information about current activities related to The Citadel that would be of interest to our class, such as events and sports schedules. Plans for our 40th class reunion in 2003 would be posted here.

Officers Forward! includes the list and bios of our class officers. Messages from the class officers would be posted here concerning the reunion, fund raising, recruiting, and any special announcements.

Post! is a section reserved for postings on any topic from individual members of the class.

Pass in Review! is the class directory of all classmates' (names only) by units in the Line of March at a Citadel Parade. Addresses and telephone numbers and limited personal information will be included for those classmates who consent to such information being listed.

Retreat will include personal anecdotes from classmates from their cadet days. This is to encourage reminiscences about what it was really like to be a member of the Corps of Cadets.

Taps will be a list of those classmates who have passed on to the immortal "long gray line".